Mental Health Awareness - All Staff


Provides all staff with an understanding of mental health and teaches how to enhance personal wellbeing and best support peers and colleagues.

Mental health is a matter that touches us all, and yet all too often we can be reluctant to acknowledge or talk about distress and its potential impact, which paradoxically makes any distress we may be feeling more difficult to manage.

This half day Mental Health Awareness training course is designed to be appropriate for all staff throughout an organisation, providing a solid foundation for better undertsanding mental health.

This three hour training:

  • Provides a safe space to talk about the continuum from mental and emotional wellbeing via distress to illness

  • Looks at what stress is, how it works, how to recognise the signs, manage and reduce its impact and minimise stress in ourselves and other

  • Explores the signs that someone may be struggling, the main ways in which illness can manifest and what we can do

  • Takes a closer look at the stigma around mental health, how it shows up and what we can do to break it down as a community

  • Considers how we can best support our peers and colleagues

  • Teaches some easily mastered tools to take better care of ourselves and maximise the well-recognised protective factors that promote wellbeing

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