Staying Balanced


Unplugging from the external and reconnecting with the internal

Last week I was feeling emotionally out of sorts, anxious, fearful, exhausted and drained, and I had no clue as to why.

On Friday evening I went to the most beautiful candlelit meditation and yin yoga session, and all became clear. My teacher explained that right now we are dealing with unparalleled levels of fear, distrust, hatred and anxiety in the world (fuelled unhelpfully by the media). As an intuitive person with an open heart, we cannot help but absorb the energy that it around us, which can sometimes feel like we are literally carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. 

These feelings of emotional exhaustion are intensified by the inevitable chaos that the festive season brings! Don’t get me wrong, I am loving spending time with old friends, over indulging, and consuming my weekly alcohol limit daily (!), but because this is so out of the norm for me, it had really sent me off kilter. I had thrown many of the things that I know keep me grounded (yoga, eating a balanced diet, quiet time etc) out of the window, and was getting completely out of balance - having far too much of a good thing, and becoming preoccupied by the world around me, and I somehow hadn’t noticed this!

I think many of us are feeling this way right now, getting so caught up in all of the external stuff, that we lose sight of the fact that we determine our own reality, not anyone or anything else. I was so preoccupied in my mind, ruminating over some of the things I was reading in the media, panicking about gifts still left to buy etc etc, that I had forgotten how important it is to me to get out of my head and into my body, through yoga and meditation. 

I concluded that there are some key things that I need in my life to keep me feeling balanced, and ultimately allowing myself to be the best version of me. Perhaps writing them down here now will remind me next time!

  • Make space daily for getting out of my head and into my body through yoga and meditation
  • Remember that whatever is going on around me, this planet is part of something much bigger than itself and ourselves - i.e get some perspective!! 
  • Consume my news wisely, avoiding those sources who themselves are unbalanced and full of fear - yes I’m talking to you Metro, Daily Mail, Daily Express and other such offenders!
  • Try to spend at least 2 evenings per week at home - home is where I come back to to recharge
  • Choose what I say ‘yes’ to more wisely, I don’t have to accept every single invitation of fun, or work for that matter, be more protective over my energy and with whom and what I give that to