Penguin Living & Work Well Being


Working in Partnership to Inspire & Support Your People to Live Better  

We are so pleased to announce news of an exciting new partnership between Work Well Being and Penguin Random House; the world’s biggest publisher. 


The partnership marks & celebrates the launch of Penguin Living, which is an initiative by the publisher to bring together their broad and diverse range of personal development books, all under one roof. 

Penguin Living’s vision is to share the insight, experience and inspiration of their world class list of authors and experts so as to support people to be more effective and live a better life across work, home & play.  Penguin Living authors and experts, include Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Ruby Wax, Michael Acton Smith, Malcolm Gladwell, Sheryl Sandberg and Steve Peters, to mention just a few!

Our partnership sees us collaborating to extend the reach of our workplace wellbeing programmes, equipping employees with the tools and equipment so that they can continue their wellbeing journey. This could be in the form of individual books to complement the sessions we deliver, or a Penguin Living author hosting one of our talks or workshops as part of our programme with you.  

To extend the support and inspiration to live a better life throughout your business, we can also offer much wider access to Penguin Living content. This could be in the form of access to books & digital content for particular groups within the workforce, such as a maternity package for expectant Mums & Dads to include books and material on parenting; or a business development package to include titles on pitching, 
gravitas & charisma for the sales team. 

Mark Prescott at Penguin Living said: 

"Aimed at those who aspire to be better and do more, Penguin Living is a new way of sharing knowledge. By giving people access to the experience of our world-class authors and experts, we hope to motivate them to make positive changes in their lives – at work, at play and at home.

Whether the focus is mindfulness, career progression, physical wellbeing, creative development or travel, we want to inspire people to do the things they love, better."

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