Our Ongoing Journey of Finding Balance


The Challenges, & Tools that Support Us 

Doing what we do, it’s understandable that sometimes people have the perception of us of having it all worked out; having found some kind of magic formula when it comes to achieving our own wellbeing, and living perfectly well balanced lives. Well, let me tell you, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

We are still both very much on our own personal journey to achieving balance, and most probably always will be; because that’s the point of life, right, we learn, evolve, grow & develop, the achievement of perfection (whatever that means) is an imperfect goal. 

Striving to achieve balance in our own lives is exactly what inspires & motivates us to run Work Well Being. We are constantly seeking out new practices, teachers, apps, books, healthy foods & drinks….that help us to feel and work well. Our purpose & passion is about sharing these wonderful teachers & tools with many more people, who just like us, are facing the same challenges to achieving balance in life. 

Our personal challenges & tools to finding balance


For me one of the key things that prevents me from achieving a state of total balance more often than I would like, is my inherent trait of being slightly obsessive! Obsession / Passion – its a very thin line, passion is most definitely a positive driver of getting stuff done & enjoying the ride, but often I push pass this point and find myself in a place of obsession. Obsessing over getting everything just ‘perfect’, pushing myself beyond all reasonable limits to ensure that I have no sense of ‘guilt’ about not having given a project or piece of work my all, and finding it difficult to know when to stop and switch of the laptop! 

For me, the key thing that supports me to a) recognise when I am in a place of obsession, and b) subsequently move on out of that place, is yoga. When I began the practice many years ago it was primarily because I needed to do some exercise! I quickly discovered that its impact was far greater on me than just slightly more toned legs & arms though. When I practice yoga I can literally feel the space being created in my body (my muscles relax) and my mind (the heaviness of my thoughts become lighter). Yoga reconnects me to what is most important in my life, it puts everything in perspective, and so I come away with a lighter touch on life.


I've always liked the idea of having balance and stability in my life, it’s always felt like a really natural thing for me to strive for. When I’ve got balance, even just a little bit, it gives me strength and clarity, and is something that, I think, makes me a nicer person to be around. That certainly doesn’t mean I find it easy though, far from it!

I thought I’d cracked it a couple of years ago, a few yoga classes a week, a healthy diet, the occasional morning meditation, I was feeling great… then I had a baby. 

Well those yoga classes soon went out the window, and eating on the go is never easy, as for time to myself… well, you can forget that!  Of course, aside from the complete and utter joy of bringing a brand new beautiful human being into the world, being a new (and working) mum has presented me with my biggest challenge yet in maintaining balance. Looking after me frequently falls to the bottom of the To Do list.

I’ve had to change my perspective of what a balanced life means to me, my new approach is quite simply to not to beat myself up over the occasional* (*frequent) slip up. The guilt that I was inflicting on myself wasn't achieving anything. I now acknowledge that sometimes what I need for my own wellbeing is not to push myself to go to that yoga class (when I'm already exhausted), but to have a nice relaxing bath instead (what a luxury!). My ever-evolving quest for balance in my family and work life certainly keeps me on my toes, I’m just going to keep reminding myself that I need to readjust my tactics as I go, and be content in the knowledge that I’ll never have it all worked out.

If you’d like to find out how we can support you & your people in your own pursuit of balance, then drop us a line on hello@work-well-being.com