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Learning to Thrive


Learning to Thrive Webinar

If you missed Dr B’s talk or would like to view it again, then you can watch it here by clicking the button below.


Learning to Thrive Toolkit

Download Dr B’s learning to thrive toolkit where she shares easily mastered tools to charge up, perform well and recover quickly.


Are you Surviving or Thriving?

Dr Pezzolesi explores the difference between surviving and thriving and shares thoughts on how we can move to truly living life to the fullest.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health


Understanding & Managing Stress

Download Dr B’s stress management toolkit where she shares her top tips to support you in better understanding, mitigating and preventing stress, including a free e-book.

Mental Health Awareness Week

We can’t always prevent ill health but we can equip ourselves with healthy habits and mindsets to help give us the best possible chance of weathering life’s inevitable storms.


Meditation for Resilience

A practical introduction to the practice of meditation, including a short guided practice, designed to bring us back into our body and slow down and destress in the moment.

Healthy Eating & Recipe Inspiration


In this section we’ll be curating some of our favourite recipes, busting nutrition myths and sharing knowledge on health and nutrition from the Work Well Being team and friends.


Podcast - Food Prep & Snack Ideas

Being short on time can result in resorting to less than healthy snack choices on the go, and convenient foods at home. In this podcast Nutritionist Chris Sandel shares how you can be more organised and prepare healthy snacks and meals.


Recipe - Squash, Quinoa & Feta Lunchbox

Dedicating a little bit of time to preparing lunches in advance makes it easier to enjoy healthy choices, not to mention the financial savings. This quick and easy healthy lunchbox idea from Nutritionist Lily Soutter provides a fresh take on a packed lunch.

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Article - Top Tips for Eating Vegan

As Veganism ‘goes mainstream’ Maple teamed up with the experts to put together an overview of how to get started if you’re vegan curious.


Recipe - Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

Need inspiration? Try this Vegan Mac n’ Cheese recipe for some comforting plant based power! Who know, you may like it more than the original.


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