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Here you can find details of all of the PHD Wellbeing Workshops taking place soon.

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Achieving Focus in a Distracted World

Wednesday 18th September, 16.00-17.00

Join us to understand how to break away from distraction and constant stimulation, and how to live and work with greater calm, ease and focus.

In our exhilarating and fast paced modern world, with endless opportunities and choices to make, and sources of entertainment to stimulate our minds; it’s crucial that we create ways to unplug and recharge. Doing so we feel refreshed and reenergised, ready to take on new challenges and choices, with a greater sense of feeling grounded and calm. Unplugging also allows us to give our full attention to our work or the creative task in hand.

In this webinar you will learn guidelines, tools and practical ways of living and working with more focus and ease. We will draw on mindfulness and meditative practices that bring us into the present moment, providing space and clarity of mind.

You will leave the webinar equipped with some practical exercises that you can begin to build into your day to support you in unplugging and recharging, working with focus, and over time building resilience and supporting personal and professional growth.

This webinar is delivered by Chris Hardy. Chris is a professional leadership coach, guiding people on their journeys of living authentically and creating joy and fulfilment. Chris has a life-long commitment to an inner search for meaning and fulfilment. Chris has also studied yoga philosophy and practical yoga tuition, which he draws on in his coaching and group work.


Power Up Your Posture

Wednesday 16th October, 16.00-17.00

Join us to learn how posture and movement can ease aches and pains with a few easy to implement strategies.

There has been much recent publicity about the time we spend seated at our desks. Is it really bad for our health? What can we do to improve the situation?

This webinar looks at posture and discusses what we can do to optimise posture at work. We evaluate the latest health literature to provide a clinical insight into why we get neck and back pain from poor posture and how we can all take steps to alleviate these symptoms.

Delivered by a leading physiotherapist, Leanne O’Brien, this webinar will take you through some of the common postural errors made when seated, in order to reduce any pain and discomfort and boost overall performance and wellbeing.

You will come away from the webinar with strategies to breathe and re-boot along with knowledge of desk-based exercises to improve posture on an ongoing basis.

Leanne is a posture and biomechanics specialist. She is passionate about workplace ergonomics to optimise posture and reduce pain. Leanne understands the challenges of managing a busy workload whilst optimising wellbeing. She supports people to take control of their own physical health and prevent injury.


Mindful Drinking

Wednesday 20th November, 16.00-17.00

Join us to explore how to have a more conscious approach to drinking.

Socialising often goes hand in hand with a couple of drinks and sometimes those couple can turn into quite a few more. It can be an absolute blast at the time, but the morning after, our bodies may not be so thankful, and we’re left suffering the physical hangover symptoms and craving not so healthy foods to ease the pain.

This workshop teaches how to drink more consciously, how to replenish the body after drinking, as well as discussing alternative approaches to the usual go-to hangover ‘cures’.

You will leave the workshop armed with strategies for how to make more conscious choices, and enjoy alcohol in a more mindful way

This workshop is delivered by Adria Wu. Adria is a Natural Chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu and College of Naturopathic Medicine, she is Founder of Maple&Co and a presenter on Sunday Brunch.


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