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Move More
28th February, 12-1pm


We all know that we should be moving more, sitting less and generally leading a more active lifestyle. But life gets in the way, and often taking time to exercise falls to the bottom of our to do list. But exercise is about far more than helping us to look our best, it is essential to the proper function of all of our body systems as well as our mental and emotional health.

This session aims to present a compelling case for the importance of movement for our health. It draws on scientific studies to show the best forms of exercise for health and longevity, what the recommended amounts are and how to incorporate this into a busy schedule. The workshop also explains how food and lifestyle choices are needed to support exercise, and the energy and mood improvements experienced from the right kind of exercise.

You will come away empowered with the knowledge of why movement is central to our wellbeing, along with how to turn this motivation into action with accessible ideas and solutions for how to incorporate movement into a busy schedule, that expand far beyond gym membership and running.

This workshop is delivered by Chris Sandel, Associate at Work Well Being. Chris is a nutritionist and a coach. Chris’ approach to health is non-dogmatic, he helps his clients to find their own personal best health, whatever that means for each individual. Alongside his nutrition qualifications, he draws on his knowledge of psychology, behaviour, creating happiness, reward systems, decision making – all to better understand people’s relationships with food and why people make the decisions they do. 


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Quick & Healthy Lunches
16th March, 12-1pm


Many of us make less than optimum food choices at lunchtime, especially when we’re busy, which can lead to sluggishness, fatigue and cravings later on in the day. Taking adequate breaks and eating well at this time of the day is key to optimum productivity as well as supporting overall health. This session considers a healthier approach to lunch at the office.

Looking at how to develop a mindful approach as well as learning how to prepare and choose healthier options, you will come away with an understanding of the core principles of a healthy diet and how this can be applied to lunchtime meals. The session offers crucial ideas and tips for how to create healthier lunchtime choices, be that through lunches prepared in advance or what to buy when eating out. 

This workshop is delivered by Lily Soutter, Associate at Work Well Being. Lily has a BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Human Nutrition (AfN accredited) alongside a Nutritional Therapy Diploma from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Lily's extensive knowledge of the science of food and health, enables her to regularly write for The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Women's Health and Cosmopolitan. Her frequent TV appearances include ITV’s prime time series Save Money: Lose Weight with Dr Ranj Singh. 


This session is now fully booked, please join the waiting list by clicking on the button below and filling out you details.


Ben Bowers - Survivor of Testicular Cancer
19th April, 12-1pm


Ben Bowers is an ambassador for the men’s health charity Movember, and a survivor of testicular cancer.  In this talk Ben will share his experience of how he overcame adversity and tackled testicular cancer twice. 
Ben was hit with a cancer diagnosis at 26. He lost a testicle then and was again struck down with the disease 3 years later with the loss of his other testicle. Surgery and chemotherapy ensued which broke Ben physically but thankfully was successful so he is now cancer free. 
However, physically fighting the disease has not been the only battle Ben has fought. The mental impact of diagnosis at a young age, treatment and living with the effects were profound and adversely impacted Ben’s personal life and career. He’s fought hard to get on back on track, and move on with his life in a positive way, despite struggling to get the help he needed when finally realised he had a problem.

Join Ben as he talks about his experiences, how he found a way through the adversity both mentally and physically, how he self-manages his mental wellbeing and the methods anyone can apply to their own lives no matter who they are. Through his experiences there have been some very dark times but also plenty to laugh about too and Ben will give some real insight into a life lived with no nuts.


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