Release & Restore


Thank you to those who joined the Release & Restore workshop.

Included below is a summary of the key points covered, for you to put some of the suggestions into action. For those who did not make it, we hope these top tips will prove useful for you also. 


Exercises to Combat the Effects of Sitting All Day:

These exercises will remind and recharge your body into its natural postural positions, combating the effects of sitting for long periods of time. 

Taking the time every hour to move around, mindfully engaging with your body, will help to alleviate tightnesses in your mind and body, whilst also preventing any further build up of any tension. This will keep you on point with a deeper focus on the tasks of the day and will greatly enhance your mood. 

5 Key Postures  

The following pointers are to be applied for all 5 postures:

  • Standing, feet shoulder width apart, pressing down with the big toes, slightly bent knees
  • Forward pelvic tilt, lift the pelvic floor muscles up, draw in the point 2 inches below the naval 
  • Relax the shoulders, head in neutral position, press upwards with the crown
  • Roll the tongue back and up against the pallet
  • Breathe deeply and mindfully whilst staying calm focused, be in the moment with your intent focused on your health wellness and wellbeing

5 Key Postures:

 1. Using the above, stand with arms stretching out to the sides through the fingertips

2. Using the above, stand with arms reaching up to the sky stretching through the fingertips

3. Using the above, stand with arms reaching down to the earth stretching through your fingertips

4. Using the above, stand with arms out to the side, twisting both arms backwards in the same direction whilst stretching outwards, then twisting both arms forwards. Breathe in when twisting backwards and breathe out whilst twisting forwards

5. Using the above, stand with one palm facing up, one palm facing down (like a belly dancer) whilst stretching outwards through the fingertips. Breathe in whilst holding the position, then whilst breathing out, switch to the other side


Other Exercises to Support You in Releasing & Restoring

1. Sitting on the edge of your seat, think of performing a squat without actually leaving your chair.

2. Same as above, this time, perform a squat and then sit back down very gently.

3. Sitting on the edge of your seat, hold onto the arm rest whilst twisting your torso using a lengthened seated posture.

4. Stand at the back of the seat, hold onto the back of the chair (shoulder width, with thumbs facing downwards) and bend 90 degrees from your waist.

5. Whilst seated or standing, use isometric forces by pressing down, up, inwards and outwards on your chair and/or desk. You can also squeeze your chair legs with the inside and outside of your feet.

6. Take your shoes off, place one foot into the middle of your seat and bend forwards and into the open space whilst holding onto the arm rests.

7. Holding onto the back of the seat, perform walking on the spot in a low position, whilst knees are bent.

8. Recovery position for complete relaxation - lay on the floor, bring awareness to your mind body connection as one, breathe deeply whilst imagining aches and pains (physical mental emotional) slowly melting away in to the ground.

Abby Hubbard