Inspiration for Healthy Snacking


Chris Sandel's Inspiration for Healthy Snacking

Root veg paired with cheese (e.g.beetroot, squash and feta salad; sweet potato with cottage cheese; butternut squash, sage, and goats cheese; parsnip chips with cheddar cheese) - all of these can be made in bulk so there are lots of servings

Fruit with dairy (e.g. berries with yoghurt; stewed apples and pears with yoghurt; dried figs and dates with cheddar cheese; fruit smoothie)

Beef jerky/biltong with some carb (e.g fruit, root vegetables, rice, oatcakes, etc)

Gelatine based snacks (e.g. gummy squares; orange juice with gelatine; tea with gelatine and some dried fruit)

Making broth or soups and having these for your snacks. If the soup is vegetarian and doesn't have broth as the base, have it along side some some cheese or tinned tuna or add some gelatine (or really any form of protein)

A boiled egg or two with fruit, dried fruit or root vegetables

Have mini meals (e.g. small jacket potato with tuna and/or cheese; packet prawns with some fruit or root vegetables, a couple of chicken wings with some fruit or root vegetables; egg fried rice)

Some other suggestions –

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Popcorn along side cheese or gelatine or yoghurt (basically any form of protein) 
  • Bean salad (if you can digest it)
  • Pumpernickel bread with avocado, olive oil, salt and pepper (have with a drink with gelatine to include protein)
  • Rye bread crisp with cottage cheese
  • Oatcakes with chicken liver pate
  • Tuna with sweet corn on oatcakes.
  • Home made potato salad or coleslaw (have with some form of protein eggs, biltong, gelatine, cottage cheese, etc)

Really you can mix and match these things, with the goal being that your snack contains some carbs, protein and fat.

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