Better Sleep


Better Sleep - Doing What Comes Naturally

Thank you to those who joined Barbara Mariposa in her talk 'Better Sleep.' Here is a little reminder of how to take this inspiring information home with you to bed! For those who did not make it, we hope these top tips will prove useful for you also!

Top Tips

1. Manage your energy levels and emotions so stress chemicals don’t build up through the day - give yourself time to recover and rebalance your physiology after an upset.

2. Dial down the pressure. Press Pause through the day and take one minute once an hour (1 x 1) to practise heart-focussed breathing.

3. Build rituals to power up at the beginning and power down at the end of the day and stick to them.

4. Bookend your day - Ikagai (a sense of purpose ) in the morning, and w.w.w. journal (what went well journal) at bedtime.

5. Get an alarm clock and get up when it rings - don’t hit snooze. Do not calculate how much sleep you got.

6. Declutter your mind. Write down all the things that you are carrying in your head before you get into bed. Write down any things you need to do tomorrow. Let the paper carry them for you.

7. Make sure your bedroom is a haven for relaxation. Dark, warm, quiet, comfy, digital-free.

8. In bed, scan through your body from toe to head, including face and eyes, and if you find areas of tension, imagine them warming, softening and expanding.

9. Know your own mind. Label what kind of thoughts are occurring on repeat and file them away in the appropriate box. e.g “work” thoughts, “family” thoughts, “about me” thoughts, “regret” thoughts, “self-critical” thoughts.

10.Use the 4 x 4 breathing technique to generate an internal state that allows recovery and repair even if you are not fully asleep.

11. Remember that sleep is a natural function that you cannot lose - the more you let go of tension around it, the better it will be. 

We hope you have a great week...and some great sleeps! 

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