Mastering the Art of Self-Care

Teaches the importance of self-care and practical ways to incorporate into your day 

Duration: 6 one-hour weekly sessions


Understanding and mastering self-care takes time and practice. We can learn the concept intellectually, but to truly live and breathe it we need to take time to explore the principles and put them into practice regularly. 

The Mastering Self-Care six-week programme gives participants the opportunity to dive deeply into what self-care looks like for them, giving them ample opportunity to explore various science-backed methods to looking after themselves. 

To be a master of self-care is to be able to weather difficult storms quickly and effectively. Someone who practices regular self-care is resilient, and inadvertently teaches others how to manage challenges too. 

Session 1 - Introduction- what is self-care? A framework to understand the concept
Session 2 - Mindfulness and being with emotions
Session 3 - Breathing
Session 4 - Self Compassion
Session 5 - Nature
Session 6 - Connection

Key Outputs

  • Attendees are equipped with a robust framework that they can draw on to stay resilient in the face of the toughest of challenges.
  • Attendees are empowered
  • Attendees have greater clarity and energy
  • Each cohort supports each other into the future, using the tools and strategies provided in sessions


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