Signature Courses 

Here you will find details of our Signature Training Courses, which equip staff with the tools to enhance their Mental & Emotional Wellbeing. 

Many of the Courses are extensions of our Signature Workshops - the nature of a course enabling us to build on initial learnings and go deeper into a topic. 

Each course is suitable for up to 15 participants. 

All Courses & Training are delivered by top class wellbeing experts and Associates from the Work Well Being network. 

Staff will be equipped with practical and tangible takeaways enabling them to immediately put into action what they have learned. The ongoing courses include weekly 1-hour teaching sessions and follow up support in between to embed learning and support real change. 

To access full details, including cost and the profiles of our Associates facilitating the Courses, then please get in touch

For Managers


Mental Health for Managers

This half day course provides an understanding of common mental health illnesses and teaches how to support team members


Wellbeing & Success for Managers 

This half day course teaches managers how to take care of their own mental and emotional wellbeing and act as role models for others


For All Staff


From Stress to Success

This 4-week course consisting of 4 1-hour sessions provides a deeper understanding of stress and teaches strategies to flourish


Developing Emotional Intelligence

This 6-week course consisting of 6 1-hour sessions teaches skills to become emotionally intelligent and therefore more resilient



To receive full information about these Signature Courses, including cost and the profiles of our Associates facilitating the Courses, simply click here