Sleep Hygiene

Provides an understanding of the crucial role of sleep in overall health and happiness, and how our lifestyle and environment impact our ability to sleep well 


While most people are aware of the need for proper sleep, it’s importance is grossly under appreciated. In fact, regardless of everything else you are doing in your life, if you aren’t getting regular, good quality sleep, it’s hard to be healthy. 

As part of this workshop we’ll look at what’s happening in your body while you’re sleeping and the health problems that can arise if this isn’t happening. We’ll then look at the suggestions that can support good quality sleep, considering environmental factors such as exposure to light and temperature, and lifestyle influences such as diet, hydration and levels of physical movement. This workshop provides recommendations for the kinds of behaviours that can promote better sleep, and explores behavioural and psychological habits that help to re-connect us with our natural circadian rhythm.

Key Outputs

  • Provide an understanding of the biology of sleep
  • Empowers participants with the knowledge of actions they can take to improve sleep
  • Provides reassurance that disrupted sleep is something that we all experience from time to time
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Provides a greater sense of well-being


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