Mastering Stress

Looks at what stress is, how to notice when levels are rising and provides strategies that support resilience


Stress is one of the most common causes of long-term sick leave. Stress can leave us feeling lethargic, anxious and lacking in creativity. As employers, it doesn’t serve the business to have employees showing up at work in this way. Happy, energised, creative, expressive individuals make for a more productive and innovative organisation. 

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of what causes stress, the ways in which stress shows itself in us, the costs of stress and 5 key strategies to implement in their day to day lives to tackle stress, including self-acknowledgement, mindfulness, and learning to ‘be with’ challenging emotions.

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation amongst the group and self-reflection.

Key Outputs

  • Provides relief and clarity as we shine the light on the causes, impact and costs of stress
  • Empowers participants as they walk away with strategies they can implement
  • Reduces stress
  • Builds connections with colleagues
  • Allows organisational culture to improve


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