From Stress to Success

Provides a deeper understanding of stress and teaches strategies to flourish, not simply cope 

Duration: 4 one-hour weekly sessions


This science-based course is both informative and interactive. Each of the four modules builds to a whole, at the end of which participants know how not just to understand, mitigate and prevent stress but are equipped with a Resource Kit for wellbeing and success.  


Each module includes tips and tools building on our natural strengths and innate abilities to move the conversation about stress to fulfilment and wellbeing.

Module One

  1. What stress is and how it affects us - overview
  2. Sources of stress in the workplace
  3. ‘Good’ stress - fact or fiction
  4. Recognising the impact of stress
  5. Physical health and self-care
  6. What I can do today to improve my physical wellbeing

Module Two

  1. Mental health, stress, burnout and illness
  2. What happens in the brain and body
  3. Overwhelm or focus - managing input and digital tech
  4. Mastering our internal dialogue to be at ease on the inside
  5. Busy v Productive - making the most of our mental energy
  6. What I can do today to enhance my mental wellbeing

Module Three

  1. Emotional health and stress
  2. Factors that impact emotional balance at work
  3. Recognising and managing feelings constructively
  4. Understand the science to optimise positive affect
  5. What we need to engage and perform well
  6. What I can do today to enhance my emotional wellbeing

Module Four

  1. Social health, stress and wellbeing
  2. The essential social factors that protect against stress
  3. Work/Life balance - getting it right
  4. Building on our strengths
  5. Creating a culture of respect and collaboration
  6. What I can do today to enhance a culture of wellbeing.


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