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Thank you for taking part in your Wellbeing Day, we hope that you all enjoyed the day and have some tools and resources to start the journey towards positive wellbeing.

Here you can explore follow up content and information for all of the sessions that took place on your Wellbeing Day, you may find the tips useful even if you did not attend.

If you have any comments about the day, feedback on the session or would just like to offer some suggestions for wellbeing activities what you’d like to see at Tableau in the future, then you can email us by clicking the button below.



Making the Most of Your Time

This toolkit is designed to support you in tapping into your personal motivation by discovering what’s important to you



Cholesterol… what is it, why does it matter, and what can I do about it?


Posture for Performance

This toolkit offers easy to implement tips and strategies to optimise posture and performance to ease aches and pains



Tips to help you start your meditation practice, relax and create a sense of calm


Making Sense of Mental Health

This toolkit is designed to help you feel better informed and more comfortable in addressing mental health and ill-health



Some simple and straightforward yoga exercises that you can do just about anywhere