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Here you will find details of all the workshops and activities planned for your Wellbeing Day. You can sign up now by clicking the links below.

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How to Make the
Most of Your Time

Room: Global - 5th Floor


Former world poker champion turned psychologist, Jon Prince, will explore the importance of protecting your time in such a busy and distracted modern world.

Tap into your personal motivation by discovering what’s important to you, using this as a driving force to improve your focus and get more done.

Learn how to prioritise and hit deadlines by reducing the paradox of choice and breaking tasks down into manageable pieces.

Eliminate costly distractions that drain your time and energy and stay focused on one thing at a time, improving the quality of your attention and reducing stress and burnout.

Posture for

Room: London - 11th Floor


Join leading physiotherapist, Leanne O’Brien, to find out the importance of posture and how a few easy to implement strategies can ease aches and pains.

There has been much recent publicity about the time people spend seated at their desks. Is it really bad for our health? What can we do to improve the situation?

We will take a look at the importance of posture and discuss what we can do to optimise our posture at work and beyond.

We’ll discuss the latest research, providing insight into why we get neck and back pain, and how we can take steps to alleviate these symptoms.

Making Sense of
Mental Health

Room: Global - 5th Floor


Author and leading expert Dr. Barbara Mariposa, will support you in feeling better informed on Mental Health and more able to help yourself and others.

Mental health has moved centre stage in many areas of our lives for very good reason, there are huge costs at both a personal and business level.

There is often much misunderstanding, misinformation and lack of opportunity to have honest dialogue around this complex subject.

Gain insight into the topic of mental health and ill-health and find out what you can do to help yourself and others. Become more confident and comfortable in addressing this complex topic in the workplace.


9.30-13.00 & 14.00-18.00
Room: Hip Hop -
5th floor


Cholesterol plays a vital role in how every cell works, but too much in the blood can increase our risk of getting heart & circulatory diseases

Cholesterol is often tragically dubbed the ‘silent killer’ because for most people there are no obvious signs and symptoms to look out for.

These individual checks, undertaken by fully qualified medical professionals, are a quick & pain free pinprick blood test to confirm the amount of cholesterol in your blood.


10.00-13.00 & 13.30-15.30
Rooms: Seahorse, Parrot, Ocean - 5th floor

Massage to help you alleviate stress, relieve tension and leave you feeling instantly calm, focused and refreshed.

Working through clothes and without oil, our highly skilled massage therapists use a blend of Japanese, Shiatsu, Thai and Indian Head massage techniques.

Our therapists will aim to reduce stress and boost energy levels by targeting the areas of the body most susceptible to tension, providing relief from headaches, neck & back pain.


Room: London -
11th Floor


Join meditation instructor Naomi Wright who will provide an introduction to the practice of meditation and will guide you through a short practice.

Meditation is a way to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, a clear, calm mind and better manage stress.

This session is designed to support you in relaxing, releasing tension and breathing mindfully. You’ll return to your desk feeling lighter, calmer and energised for the afternoon ahead. No experience is necessary.

Vinyasa Flow

Room: Seasons -
8th Floor

Yoga 5.jpg

Yoga creates harmony and balance, this flowing class will aim to unite your mind and body through the breath.

The class will include breathing exercises, sun salutations, postures, relaxation and meditation to detoxify and de-stress the mind and the body. Yoga also is known to improve sleep, posture, and even boost the immune system.

Suitable for all levels of experience, including absolute beginners. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn

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