Signature Workshops

Our Signature Workshops address some of the key challenges we all face in feeling, working & living well.

Our Recipe for Living Well guides our programme design and the content of our signature workshops. 

All workshops can be delivered as standalone or form part of our Annual Programmes or Custom-Made programmes. Workshops can also be delivered as webinars.

All workshops are designed with and delivered by our core team of Associates - leaders in their field, with deep experience and expertise, and a passion and commitment to making a lasting difference. All content and materials used are rigorously tested to meet our standards ensuring that staff are equipped with practical and tangible takeaways enabling them to immediately put into action what they have learned. 

All workshops to take place at your office, or alternatively can be delivered as a webinar. 

Each workshop includes as standard a Workshop Toolkit, reinforcing the key points covered and sharing resources for further learning to inspire continued development. 

Each workshop is 60 mins in duration as standard and delivery is suitable for up to a maximum of 25 people.

Below is a selection of some of our most popular Signature Workshops. To access the full portfolio, including full descriptions and the profiles of our Associates facilitating the workshops, then please get in touch

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

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Understanding & 
Managing Stress


Teaches participants how to understand, mitigate and prevent stress.



Teaches the basics of what mindfulness is, the benefits and how to begin your own practice

Learning to


Reinforces the how & why success and wellbeing go hand in hand, and provides easily mastered tools to charge up, perform well & recover quickly

Physical Health & Nutrition

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Healthy Eating:
The Basics


Teaches the core principles of a healthy diet, to support optimum health and happiness and exposes some of the latest nutrition trends



Teaches us how to improve our energy levels based on essential human nutrition needs and better lifestyle habits

Quick & Healthy


Explores the importance of lunch breaks and provides nutritional guidance on lunches that help sustain energy levels and good health

Sleep, Rest & Relaxation

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Provides an understanding of the crucial role of sleep in overall health and happiness, and how our lifestyle and environment impact our ability to sleep well  

Sleep - Doing What
Comes Naturally


Provides a deeper understanding of sleep and the role of our mind and thoughts in inhibiting good sleep, with takeaway tools for how to sleep and rest better

Unplugging From


Explores the importance of forming positive boundaries with technology and shares strategies for achieving this

Performance & Personal Growth

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Your Inbox


Examines how to can regain control of the inbox, minimising feelings of overwhelm and equipping participants with strategies to apply

Having Better


Provides insights & teaches practices that increase ability to relate to others more skilfully, and develop skills of influence



Provides an understanding of personal leadership style to enable individuals to lead with greater presence and impact


To receive the full list of our Signature Workshops including their complete descriptions, key outputs and cost, simply complete this form to be sent our brochure.