Understanding Anxiety

Provides an understanding of what anxiety is, where it comes from and strategies to support feelings of greater calm and balance


All of us know what it feels like to feel concerned or worried about something.For some of us in today’s overloaded world that can escalate to a more pervasive sense of anxiety, a state that can get in the way of us living fulfilling and productive lives.

This introductory session examines what anxiety is, where it comes from, and what it looks like; explores some of the underlying science so participants can understand what happens in the body and brain and empowers individuals with some basic tools to start being more balanced, clear-headed and connected.

Key Outputs

  • Provides an understanding of what anxiety is, which empowers participants with knowledge of how to better manage
  • Teaches the importance of prioritising basic needs such as nutrition, hydration and sleep
  • Equips participants with breathing and mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety
  • Empowers participants with approaches to foster greater self-compassion


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