Forming Positive Relationships with Technology

Explores the importance of forming positive boundaries with technology and shares strategies for achieving this


We are surrounded by technology, and in the future, we will see even more of the same. Whilst technology has numerous benefits it can also act as a way to numb us out of feeling our real emotions. This session is about shining the light and awareness on what we use technology for, and developing ideas on how to change our relationship to it in a way that serves us.  

The approach of this workshop is very much experiential, requiring active participation amongst the group and self-reflection. 

Key Outputs

  • Provides clarity around what participants enjoy about technology and what it costs them
  • Generates feeling of empowerment as participants become ‘in-charge’ of their technology rather than being a slave to it
  • Provides a personal road map that guides participants from how they currently relate to technology, to a how they want to relate to technology. 


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