Our Vision

We believe the workplace can be a force for positive change, supporting people to live their lives well; and in turn doing better business.

Work is an integral part of life, but it needn’t be a source of anxiety, stress and ill health. As businesses we can’t thrive unless our people are healthy and happy.

The smartest businesses recognise that we need to reinvent the corporation to support the way we work now. The workplace needs to become a hub for learning, for mental and emotional wellbeing, and respond to the shift in needs and values of employees.

When workplaces play an active role in supporting their people to live life well, the benefits to the individual, business and wider society are clear.


Healthier, happier employees are engaged in their work, experience a greater sense of purpose and connection, are less likely to spend time away from the business due to ill health, and ultimately more likely to stick around and remain committed to your vision.

Done right it can transform business, and wider society.

Work Well Being create and deliver programmes and experiences designed to enhance individual health and happiness and build enduringly healthy work.