Wellbeing & Success for Managers

Teaches managers how to take care of their own mental and emotional wellbeing and act as role models for others

Duration: Half Day (4 hours) 


The evidence is clear - performance and well-being go hand in hand, and as greater attention is paid to mental illness, it’s vital to have a balanced approach, to not just educate around mental health and distress but also, perhaps more fundamentally, to embed the skills to make sure people stay well and work well together. 

Managers and leaders have a pivotal role in both. To know how to take care of their own mental and emotional wellbeing, acting as role models for others. And to make sure that their own ‘style’ has a positive impact on the wellbeing of others. 

A key aspect of this is emotional self-awareness (ESA). High ESA naturally creates a climate of trust, belonging, listening and adaptability, key ingredients for innovation and success. Another key ingredient is mastering the art of orchestrating human energy, how to foster enthusiasm, ideas, honesty and whole-hearted engagement. 

This workshop aims to open up vital questions, explore answers that make sense to you, and leave you with skills to enhance wellbeing and productive organisational energy (POE).

Suitable for everyone who manages others, formally or informally, it covers:

  • Key ingredients for a culture of wellbeing
  • The underlying neuroscience of effective leadership
  • The role of emotional self-awareness for personal effectiveness
  • What EQ is, breaking it down into six science-based competencies
  • Easily applied tools to stay centred, connected and calm
  • Experiential learning to build listening, rapport and presence


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