Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Whatever the size of your business or the stage you are at with your workplace wellbeing journey, we are here to support you.

Our expertise goes beyond simply providing you with outstanding content and experiences.

We know that if workplace wellbeing programmes are to influence real change then they must be grounded in insight and underpinned by exemplary communication and management, which is why we offer full end-to-end management of your programme. 

In doing so we save you valuable time and money, and ensure maximum value, impact and engagement for your business.

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Custom-Made Wellbeing Programmes

Our Custom-Made Programmes provide opportunity to support your employees to build sustainable lasting habits and behaviour change, typically commencing with a 12 month commitment to health and happiness.

Our Programmes are shaped uniquely for your organisation, based on the insight we uncover through discussion with you and inviting employee input via our wellbeing survey.

The building blocks of your Programme can include our Wellbeing Workshops and Mental Health at Work initiatives, along with other wellbeing sessions including Yoga classes, Massage appointments and Health Checks.

These programmes provide access to our deep expertise in workplace wellness programme communication and management. We work with you to create a unique creative identity and build a digital home for your wellbeing programme.

All of this ensures that the employee experience is one of absolute quality and ease, ensuring maximum engagement and participation.


Mental Health at Work


Wellbeing Workshops


Wellbeing Days