Feel Well, Work Well, Live Well

Work Well Being create and deliver wellbeing programmes and experiences designed to enhance individual health and happiness and build enduringly healthy work.

We believe the workplace can be a force for positive change, supporting employees to live their lives well; and in turn doing better business.

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Our Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

We offer two ways of working to provide flexibility for your business, making it simple for smart businesses to start building healthy workplaces immediately 

Fully Managed

Access our expertise & services in strategy, curation, communication & management. Formats include Annual Programmes, Wellbeing Days, Wellbeing Weeks & Events.  


Our standalone initiatives provide you with the flexibility and choice to build and manage your own programme. Formats include Workshops, Courses, Classes & Individual Appointments. 

Some of our Clients

"Working with Work Well Being has been a delight, they've really taken on board our challenges & proposed fantastic content for our wellbeing programme. They took time to understand our business & culture and suggested coaches who our employees can relate to; as a result we've had great feedback"

Kirsty Hall, HR Manager, Mindshare

"Work Well Being are fantastic people to work with and their offering is extremely well organised, well informed and 100% reliable.  Their approach completely takes all of the headache out of running such a complex offering and they are also just super pleasant to work with."

Stephanie Marks, Deputy MD, Maxus


The Case for Wellbeing at Work

Talent Attraction - over half of employees would choose a company that cared about their wellbeing, over one that pays 10% more (Reward Gateway, 2017) 

Lower Levels of Absenteeism - healthy, active employees take fewer sick days and bring more energy to the workplace (HR Review, 2015)

Talent Retention - 80% of employees agree that a company’s wellness offering will be crucial in recruiting and retaining them within the next 10 years (CoreNet survey, 2014) 

Reduced Costs - Absenteeism and presenteeism alone represent as much as 2% of GDP in the UK (Thriving at Work Government Report, 2017) 

Greater Productivity - in a survey of executives by corporate wellbeing provider Virgin Pulse, 97% said they recognised that healthier employees are more productive (Virgin Pulse, 2016) 

Reduces Ill Health - sitting at a desk for 8hours a day increases risk of premature death by up to 60% (UK Active, 2017) 

Increased Focus - 60% of people said if they felt happy at work, they would be more productive, and over half would feel more focused (Bupa, 2015)

Improved Efficiency - for every £1 invested in corporate wellbeing there’s a £3 return in improved efficiency and productivity (Sheffield Hallam University, 2015)

Work Well Being Network

Work Well Being is a network of top class wellbeing experts who together are intent on enhancing the way we live our lives and shaping the future of work – for individuals and business.

Top quality facilitators and content

  • The core team of facilitators is made up of our Associates, hand-picked to Work Well Being’s exacting standards
  • All content approved and tested

Designed by experts to deliver health and wellbeing

  • All of our programmes are designed by and with our Associates who are top organisational and wellbeing experts
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