Mental Health Awareness - Managers


Provides Managers with an understanding of common mental health illnesses and teaches how to support team members and enhance personal wellbeing.

Mental illness is taking centre stage in the workplace not only because of its profound personal costs, but also because of the impact on the business bottom line of absenteeism, presentee-ism and staff turnover. Managers and leaders are recognised as playing a pivotal role here.

This full day Mental Health Awareness training course is designed to promote a better understanding of mental health and illness, addressing how to recognise and appropriately support those who may be struggling, prevent problems and distress arising in the first place and build Sustainable Workplace Prosperity (SWP).

Part One

  • The role of stress and burnout in mental health, productivity and performance, the underlying science, the danger signs to look out for and good practices to minimise their occurrence

  • Understanding anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours and conditions when people may be at immediate risk: the signs and symptoms to look out for

  • Examining stigma, where it comes from, what perpetuates it and what we can do about it

  • Easily implemented ways to take care of personal wellbeing, recover from challenging situations, model good work practices, and build a culture of Sustainable Workplace Prosperity.

Part Two

  • Discussion of challenges participants have faced or currently face in relation to mental health at work and how to deal with these effectively and appropriately

  • Listening and rapport: how to have constructive conversations with others who may be struggling

  • A straightforward model to promote successful productive conversations and a chance to improve personal skills

  • How to support someone who is/has been absent and is returning to work with case study examples

  • What next: personal and organisational “next steps” to reduce mental ill-health, protect those who are struggling, eradicate stigma and promote wellbeing and success (SWP)

Key Outputs:

  • Increased knowledge about common mental health conditions that arise in the workplace

  • Increased competence and confidence to address mental health and illness, including how to have conversations successfully with people who may be unwell or returning to work

  • An understanding of stigma andpromoting zero tolerance of stigma of all kinds

  • How to support their own and others’ mental and emotional wellbeing, and know where the boundaries of their work role lie

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