Workplace Wellbeing Programmes Designed for Flexibility

Our fully managed corporate wellbeing programmes are flexible to the needs of your business, they make it simple for smart businesses to start building healthy workplaces immediately



Programmes & solutions specifically tailored to the needs to your business. We perform a deep dive into your business to curate a bespoke corporate wellbeing strategy & programme to suit you & your employees.


Support employees to build sustainable habits and behaviour change. Programmes provide access to our portfolio of Signature Workshops and deep expertise in corporate wellness programme management.


Our standalone experiences can be selected in isolation without our expertise in communication & management, or layered onto our fully managed corporate wellbeing programmes, providing flexibility and choice for your business.

The Case for Wellbeing at Work

Talent Attraction and Retention - over half of employees would choose a company that cared about their wellbeing, over one that pays 10 percent more (Reward Gateway, 2017) 

Lower Levels of Absenteeism - healthy, active employees take fewer sick days and bring more energy to the workplace (source: HR Review, 2015

Greater Productivity - in a survey of executives by corporate wellbeing provider Virgin Pulse, 97% said they recognised that healthier employees are more productive (Virgin Pulse, 2016) 

Reduces Ill Health - sitting at a desk for 8hours a day increases risk of premature death by up to 60% (UK Active, 2017) 

Increased Focus - 60% of people said if they felt happy at work, they would be more productive, and over half would feel more focused (source: Bupa, 2015)

Improved Efficiency - for every £1 invested in corporate wellbeing there’s a £3 return in improved efficiency and productivity (source: Sheffield Hallam University, 2015)

Greater Value for Money - with a 12 month commitment to a wellbeing strategy, you will qualify for our preferential rates and unlock our expertise in programme management & delivery ensuring your programme delivers maximum value


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