Time to Talk


One to one appointments providing a safe & non-judgemental space for individuals to discuss their mental & emotional wellbeing with a fully trained mental wellbeing mentor.

We all need a safe space to let off steam, talk about challenges or concerns, and feel truly listened to. These 45 minute one to one sessions are intended to provide employees with an impartial confidential space to talk, access an unbiased sounding board and learn simple wellbeing tools.

It is advised that Time to Talk be open to everyone throughout the business. Employees may have a specific challenge or concern which they would welcome some impartial guidance on, or alternatively they may simply feel they need someone to talk to - we all benefit from the opportunity to speak and be heard.

How it Works:

Sessions are booked anonymously and managed completely by us, making the process completely confidential.

  • Duration: 8 x 45 minute sessions per day

  • Minimum booking : 1 day

  • Location: a suitable space in your office for the appointments to take place, ideally somewhere that is quiet and provides a level of privacy.

What people say

“The mental health of our people is incredibly important to us and it’s something we’ve focused on this year through our work with Work Well Being and their ‘Time to Talk’ 1:1 coaching sessions, designed to provide employees with a confidential space to talk and access an unbiased sounding board.

We encourage an open dialogue with all staff, however we know people won’t want to discuss everything with their line manager. Access to mental health services can be difficult, so in providing this space for people at work, they know that they have the opportunity to discuss anything from stress and bereavement to relationship advice or financial worries, whether work related or not, in a completely confidential and supportive space.”

Fuse CEO, Louise Johnson.