Top Quality Team

Work Well Being is a network of top class wellbeing experts who together are intent on enhancing the way we live our lives and shaping the future of work – for individuals and business.

At the heart of our network is our Team of Associates, top class wellbeing and organisational experts who are absolute leaders in their field. 

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Quality Matters

Not all wellbeing practitioners are equal. We only invite top quality facilitators into the Work Well Being network who meet our exacting quality standards – they have to be leaders in their field, with deep experience and expertise, and a passion and commitment to making a lasting difference. We only ever put the best practitioners in front of you and your staff – to deliver the best results for you and your staff.

All content and materials used by the Work Well Being network are rigorously tested to meet our standards.


Designed by Experts

Workplace wellbeing programmes can transform individual lives. We work with our team of Associates to design the programmes around our Recipe for Living Well. Our Associates are directly involved in designing our Custom-Made programmes.


About Our Founders - Louise & Abby

We founded Work Well Being having experienced first-hand how challenging it can be to prioritise health and happiness alongside the realities of modern working life. We were frustrated that there was no systematic help for businesses interested in investing in the wellbeing of their staff.

Louise Padmore and Abby Hubbard, Founders of Work Well Being

Louise Padmore

An expert in Marketing and Communications, Louise has over 13 year’s experience of leading campaigns for major brands such as BBC, Virgin Media and American Express at top UK agencies at a senior level. 

Louise draws on this experience to ensure that our wellbeing programmes are curated and communicated in a clear and compelling way, delivering maximum engagement and meaning for our clients and their employees. 

Louise studied at Manchester School of Management within the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), which at the time was led by Professor Cary Cooper, now president of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. She has a BSc in Management Science, with a focus on Cross-Cultural Management, Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Managing Diversity and International Marketing. 

Louise is passionate about creating change in how we work, ensuring that the future of work is set up to be fulfilling, rewarding and nurturing on both a professional and personal level. 

Abby Hubbard

Prior to setting up Work Well Being Abby accrued over 15 years’ experience working both in-house and agency side with leading brands and organisations such as Red Bull, Virgin Media, Coca Cola and Boots the Chemist.

With extensive experience in working with clients to design and implement solutions to meet their needs, Abby always ensures that our clients programmes are smoothly and successfully delivered.

Studying a MSc in Business Psychology at the University of East London, whose Psychology department is ranked no. 1 in the UK for their cutting-edge research, allows Work Well Being to be certain that all solutions are built on evidence of what works.

Abby is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of individuals seeing the workplace as an extremely powerful vehicle with which to help facilitate change and improve individual lives and wider society