Leading team of workplace wellbeing experts


Work Well Being is a network of top-class wellbeing experts who together are intent on enhancing the way we live our lives and shaping the future of work – for individuals and business.

We founded Work Well Being having experienced first-hand how challenging it can be to prioritise health and happiness alongside the realities of modern working life. We were frustrated that there was no systematic help for businesses interested in investing in the wellbeing of their staff.


At the heart of our network is our Team of Associates, top class wellbeing and organisational experts who are absolute leaders in their field.

Not all wellbeing practitioners are equal. We only invite top quality facilitators into the Work Well Being network – they have to be leaders in their field, with deep experience and expertise, and a passion and commitment to making a lasting difference.

Designed by Experts - all content and materials used by the Work Well Being network are rigorously tested to meet our standards.


Louise - Co Founder

Louise is an expert in marketing, communications and management science having worked at top level within leading UK agencies. Louise is passionate about creating change in how we work, ensuring that the future of work is set up to be fulfilling, rewarding and nurturing on both a professional and personal level.


Abby - Co Founder

Abby is a business psychologist, with vast experience in project management with leading brands. Abby is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of individuals seeing the workplace as an extremely powerful vehicle with which to help facilitate change and improve individual lives and wider society.


Dr B

Work Well Being lead on all Mental Health at Work strategy and initiatives. Dr B is an author, expert and thought-leader in mental health and workplace wellbeing. Dr B has worked internationally, in general practice, psychiatry and public health.



Work Well Being lead on nutrition in the workplace, and creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Adria is a natural chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu and College of Naturopathic Medicine, Founder of Maple & Co and presenter on Sunday Brunch.

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Work Well Being coach, and creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Fiona is a Professional Co-Active coach and speaker for the School of Life & Guardian Masterclasses. Fiona is passionate about bringing our full selves into our lives & work.



Work Well Being psychologist, Suzy specialises in self-care, helping people manage stress, emotions, and energy. Suzy is a contributing editor for Psychologies Magazine and published Author of ‘The Self-Care Revolution’ .



Work Well Being coach, creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Hannah is a Professional Co-active Coach, expert in self compassion and stress management and has helped many organisations and individuals to build resilience and grow.



Work Well Being coach, creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Ollie is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach passionate about supporting individuals to make healthier choices, lead more balanced lives and improve overall health & wellbeing.



Work Well Being coach, creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Chris is a professional leadership coach, guiding people on their journeys of living authentically and creating joy & fulfilment. Chris also studied yoga philosophy which he draws on.



Work Well Being psychologist, creator and facilitator of our wellbeing workshops. Jon’s passion is to help improve the lives of others, by changing their mindset and improving their performance, allowing them to become the best version of themselves.