Mental Health Buddies


A one-day workshop designed to prepare employees for their role as mental health ‘buddies'

Given that, at some point in their career, 60% of employees have experienced a mental health problem due to work or where work was a contributing factor, forward thinking companies are putting in place ways to address the silence and stigma around mental illness and create a culture in which staff feel they can be open about their problems without repercussions.

A Mental Health Buddies scheme is a peer support system where colleagues and people who have personal experience of mental ill-health themselves can act as “buddies” to others. The scheme must be part of a well-structured system of support and ongoing education with clear guidelines, and also in no way removes the need for professional support services but can act as a buffer and help people find the professional support they may need.

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The Training

This one-day workshop is designed to prepare employees for their role as mental health “buddies”.

The workshop is informative, interactive and experiential and aims to help participants define their role, explain how to make it work, and looks at how the system can continue to improve.

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